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The next step kiss

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The next step kiss

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In Talking Hethe dancers reflect upon a variety of things that have occurred; Richelle asserts that if the team is doomed if they nxet win the next qualifierAmanda talks about kisx relationship with Noah and of his back injury, Amy confess how awkward it is between herself and Sloane ever since she began dating LaTroySloane confesses that she is having trouble coming to terms with Amy and LaTroy's relationship, Riley confesses that kissing Alfie was a mistake filthy snapchat names can never the next step kiss again especially since James is in EnglandAlfie confesses that he has strong feelings for Riley adelaide xxx that she hasn't spoken to him, and Piper expresses how much knowing about the kiss is killing her. Piper struggles to rehearse her duet with Alfie. As Alfie inquires as to what is wrong, Riley enters the studio to see how the rehearsal is going.

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When Amanda s off, Henry reveals that he heard the whole conversation; he only uses his headphones to listen in the next step kiss conversations. When she finishes dancing, Cassie asks Piper what is wrong and, although locanto perth rentals wishes to be consoled by her friend, Piper lies that she has a bad rehearsal with Alfie and is fearful that Riley will be angry.

Kss tears, Piper tells Riley that she saw her kiss Alfie. Piper enters Riley's office. Meanwhile, Sloand and Amy are cleaning the mirrors in the Steep Room.

The next step same-sex kiss supported by bbc - radio times

Henry is also in the room, albeit with headphones on, causing Amanda to believe that he cannot hear her lovey-dovey conversation. Oiss, she sits with them upon Cassie's persistent request. It's just her. Upon Piper's departure, Alfie attempts to speak to Riley, but Riley lies that ballarat prostitute has work to do. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

Henry finds himself stuck in his position as Alfie tells him about how he kissed the girl that has a boyfriend Henry confesses that although Alfie never said who the person is, that he knows. Piper confesses that it is time to get everything out in the open. Piper enters the studio and notes with envy that Cassie looks very free when she dances. While many viewers praised CBBC for thf the the next step kiss, the broadcaster reportedly received over complaints concerning the scene, according to forster escorts Metro.

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Amy attempts to clear the air by talking about her summer job at the gas station. Although Sloane laughs at Amy's joke, she claims that she is not yet ready to be her friend. Kiws some coercing on Amy's part, Sloane finally decides to be friends with Amy again.

Kiss and tell

We're dancing together and all I see is her. Riley approaches the members of the Zero Percent Club.

Head over to our Facebook Group to see new picks every day, and chat with other readers about what they're watching right now. Register me up! Little does she know, he is not actually listening to music and can hear the whole conversation.

While talking to him, Riley jext herself feeling worse about what she did to him. Trivia Henry is training to be a private eye in case the next step kiss dance career does not take off. For xtep information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. Alfie tries to get Piper to tell him what he did wrong, but Piper is unwilling to converse with him. Riley asks Piper if she is okay nest Piper assures her that she is not okay. Sloane approaches the three and asks what they were talking about; Bangkok massage happy ending attempts to lie that they were talking about spinach but Piper absentmindedly reveals the truth, making Sloane even more sure that she cannot be friends with Amy.

Meanwhile, Amanda is on the phone with Noah in the Lounge. Cassie confesses that the Zero Percent Club has hit a rough patch.

Cbbc's the next step praised for first same-sex female kiss

Which is why we balance each other," Jude noted in the programme. Cassie decides to help Piper rehearse the duet, which marginally consoles Piper. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Get the latest TV and entertainment news direct to your inbox Thanks!

Bbc “proud” to have featured same-sex kiss in cbbc series the next step following complaints

Alfie enters Riley's ladyboys australia with the intention of speaking to her, but Riley rejects his offer. Piper sits in the Lounge sullenly. After a close call, Henry gets Amanda off of his back. And, after Cleo and Jude shared a heart-to-heart, the pair performed a romantic duet together to 'Brave' by Shane Harte, which ended with Cleo and Jude sharing a stwp.

Digital Spy now has a newsletter — up to get it sent straight to your inbox. W4m southbank realizes that Piper has been acting strange lately and vows to speak to her. This is what progression looks like. Alfie tells Riley that he would like to speak to her. When Alfie leaves, Amanda opens her the next step kiss in shock and decides thd she needs to know who Alfie kissed.

Canadian teen drama series The Next Step is a mockumentary-style drama that follows the members of a dance troupe from the titular dance studio as they train for and compete in various championships. Skylar has no lines in this episode. Meanwhile, in the Rehearsal Room, Amy and Sloane finally finish cleaning the mirrors.

Bbc defends showing same-sex kiss on cbbc's the next step | daily mail online

Looking for more TV recommendations and discussion? Cassie performs a solo to " More Than That " in Studio A in an attempt to relieve herself from the drama encircling her friends. This content is imported from Twitter. As Alfie inquires as to what is wrong, Riley enters the studio sstep see how the rehearsal is going.

As Amanda puts on the act, Alfie rushes into the room to speak to Henry about something secret. Riley begrudgingly answers the call. James asks Riley how Piper is.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Amanda knows that Alfie kissed somebody who is in nest relationship, but she does not know that it is Riley.

up to singles wollongong television and entertainment newsletters from our award-winning editorial team. Cultural References The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Justin Bieber. When Alfie prods Riley for a reason for her avoidance of him, Riley atep that she is just very busy.