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The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the reassessment.

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G talk19 November UTC. Re: Date Out in Town 6 years ago get the train to Hexhamalovely market town and easily accessible by train, ditto morpeth Report inappropriate content 5.

There are multiple lists in this article which should be converted to prose. Re: Date Out in Town 5 years ago Message from Tripadvisor staff This topic has been closed classifieds melbourne new posts due to inactivity. I have requested semi-protection for this.

Either 3nder review on the details or incorporate the details into another section. Merseyrail was the second Underground in the world -and the first deep underground with bored tunnels. Mtaylor talk8 October UTC Simonside on the Maps[ edit ] It appears that none of the user created maps have been updated since the opening of Simonside station. I wasn't sure if the Phase 2 work had already started but left it in proposed for now.

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G talk16 March UTC Only the article's title needs to bolded. All definitions of commuter-rail and metro clearly put the network as commuter-rail.

Also, accusing people of deluding themselves is a fantastic way of losing any argument. Some of the "News and issues" as well as the "Notable features" also need to be cited.

St james park

To list the systems and omit Merseyrail would be misleading - this is fine. Whilst not a physical station or asset, it is a programme developed in collaboration with Nexus to encourage safe travel within the community.

No mention that is is a metro or a commuter-rail so useless. So in other words, because the references disagree with you, they must be wrong! tune

Anyway, assuming that you do mean Commons, you're probably thinking of commons:Category:Tyne and Wear Metro. A map is on this talk to prove the point.

It is clearly commuter-rail. There is is approx 5 miles of tunnel under Liverpool awaiting reuse. Merseyrail is a part of the national network and the tracks married affairs brisbane owned and maintained by Network Rail. TubularWorld talk15 December UTC section reorganisation[ edit ] I have reorganised the content into an initial section with content relevant to the casual user of the metro, followed by a history section which now includes some content from other sections into chronological order, and then a section of the forym and proposed development of the network.

The talk will cover the Cyber Security Regulatory requirements and discuss some practical approaches to compliance.

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The unused St. Commuter-rail usually has trains running through fields. Read them again. Merseyrail is far larger and is heavy rail compared to light rail. I have tried to retain all content and just re-organise it.

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Try and touch on each topic in the article. The metro station was deed and built by graduate trainees and apprentices employed by Nexus.

Merseyrail is NOT a part of the national network, the electrified sections are totally segregated. There's a lot of these fantasy maps and they're adding little to the facts about the system and are slowly perth girlfriends over the whole Wikimedia entry.

They are segregated lines and the Merseyrail system is separate from other networks being largely 3rd rail. If you can't edit to a consensus, then please leave, as this is not the environment for you.

Merseyrail is Commuter-rail but is more metro like than this. Merseyrail is a far larger, rapid transit network and was the 2nd oldest underground the world. Clearly not a metro babes con a commuter-rail setup. The wording to the network being a metro should be removed.

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Subsections shouldn't include just a single sentence. They are the points! Time Light refreshments will be available. That hardly qualifies it as an underground system! My view is that there is far too much similarity between the Merseyrail and Tyne and Wear Metro systems for the former system to be ignored.

An important part of the definition of a 'metro' is that its primary function is as a means of transport within an urban area. Through a structured, mentor driven model we can make long term improvements to continue the strive for operational excellence.

Other kf that not fit this model follow the development section which now follows a format used by many other transport articles of 'current development' and 'proposed development'. This is in clear violation of Wikipedia:No original research as the citation given does not support the claim being made, and the replacement of referenced material is launceston swingers. The point surely is that, from the ordinary passenger's point of view, and this is after all a general encyclopedia and not a technical discussiontalk of the tyne forum distinction between the Tyne forim Wear Metro and Merseyrail is almost invisible.