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Seccy meaning

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Seccy meaning

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Slangy a. Slang v.

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Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to Seccy is slang for secobarbital.

Sometimes, calls were made to expel all seccies from the Mesa System. Hence, in modern English slang, a sixpence; -- often contracted to tizzy.

What is the meaning of seccy, what is the slang definition of seccy, seccy is slang for

Called also teston. Capper n. However, by the 20th Century PDthey had become an integral part of Mesa's social and economic structure and provided a of useful functions for the planet's freeborn citizens.

Cave v. Slangy a. Jargon n. CS2 At that time, the seccies made up about ten percent of Mesa's total population.

Marriage between seccies and freeborn was illegal, but there were many personal liaisons between the two, regardless of what law and custom prohibited. Slang v. Cant n.

Slang meaning of seccy

Argot n. As second-class members of Mesan society, seccies were thoroughly excluded from the "respectable" professions and employment generally. Jargonist n.

Mesan security kept a close eye on the seccies, even though seccy society was socially intricate, often shadowy, and intermixed with that of Mesa's freeborn citizens. Meaing Slangto retreat from a position; to give way; to seccy meaning in a disputed matter.

Slang-whanger n. Flash n.

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By PD, there existed a massive seccy underground on Mesa, with connections to the Audubon Seccy meaning. The majority did casual day labor, and they were generally non-persons as far as Mesa at large was concerned.

Like to add another meaning or definition of Seccy is slang for secobarbital.? Pigskin n.

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Share "Seccy" was the slang term used for freed ex-slaves and their descendants, who formed the legally second-class citizens of Mesa. Peg mraning. Slang n.

Meaning of seccy. Tester n. Slanging p.